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What Do You Get For Being A Member In This Exclusive Club?

By joining Kefi Travel Club you join a select group of folks who like to have fun and adventures.  The locations, activities, and enjoyment are all driven by the members of the club.  No more travelling by yourself (unless you want to) or with large groups where you don't know anyone. Travel with the people you choose, do the activities you want to do, and share the experiences with members of the club.  It's all about you!

Access to Custom Built Trips

Access to custom built trips by Kefi Club staff focused on fun, adventure, exploration, and tons of things to brag about! Every year we will provide a schedule of trips that we have designed with Club Members in mind. You can review them all online and book any (or all) of these trips.

Access to Custom Trip Planning

Want more than the options we have provided? Members can request custom built trips for themselves, their families, or to share with others in the club. This is about going and doing what you want to do. Not about buying a pre-packaged sterile trip which leaves you confused about what you even saw by the end of the day. You won’t like it and we won’t want to do it!

Cruises and All-Inclusive’s

It pains us to say but we do recognize some of you do just want to decompress and not do anything on vacation. So reluctantly we have options for that too. We have established a relationship with CAA Travel to provide you access to any of the resort and cruise packages you may want when this mood hits you. Just let us know what you are looking for and we can access our dedicated resources at CAA Travel to provide you competitive options.


From our experience, one of the most important parts of a trip is sharing the experience with others. So as a member of the club, you’re able to see and connect with other members of the club who share your interests and hobbies. Together, you can make requests for vacation solutions designed for the things you want to see and do, and how you want to travel. You'll be comfortable in the fact you are travelling with someone who wants to enjoy the same things as you. Club members can also use our Facebook discussion group and event invitations to post ideas for destinations and discuss trips which will allow people who may be interested in the same location to jump on board with others they may not have known were interested.

Travel For Free!

Are you passionate about a particular hobby or location? Become a “Lead Bull” and travel for free! You bring the passion, knowledge, and the travellers, we’ll plan and manage the trip, and you be our guide for that destination. Kefi Travel Club allows you (actually we encourage it) to capitalize on your passion and share that knowledge with others.

Share the Memories

Club members have access to our unlimited photo storage capability within the site to store and share photos with others who have travelled (or may be considering) travelling with them. That way you can experience the trip from behind everyone’s lens and see the trip as they did. You never have to worry you missed that perfect shot! You can get it from another club member who has shared it in the club site.

Members First

At the end of the day the benefits of the Kefi Travel Club comes down to the members. Sure, we’ll put together some awesome trips to get you going, but the real value is the suggestions and participation of the members to expand our ever growing list of destinations, providing new insights and knowledge for other club members to experience, sharing the photos of your incredible adventures with other club members, and most importantly, being awesome fun people to travel with. We want you to experience the good, bad, and the ugly of travel and come out laughing and more connected than ever.

So it’s over to you now. If you want the standard pre-packaged, sterile, don’t-know-anyone solution, you’re in the wrong place. Thanks for dropping by though.

If you want to have fun with others, experience adventures, and occasionally get abused (only when you deserve it), click below.


Kefi Travel Club payment options include e-transfer payments sent directly to and Credit Card payments made through the PayPal option or by calling us at 1-888-680-6930. E-transfers earn you a 1% discount off price of a trip! For more information, please see our Pricing & Payments page.  

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