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Kefi Travel Club Pricing & Payments

Annual Membership Payments

Thanks for considering an annual membership in the Kefi Travel Club. Our $50 annual fee is priced less than what you pay in service charges for one booking at many travel agents. We just want to make sure you’re serious about being a part of this group – and have money for t-shirts, mugs, and hats that we may just give to you if you behave! The fee also allows you to store as many photos as you want in our photo albums, something which you also pay for at other storage sites. What a deal we’re offering right?

When registering, use the Paypal button at payment time and you can choose between paying by Paypal if you have an account, or by credit card if you do not. We’re good with either. We’ll follow up to confirm your payment. To avoid you having to remember to renew each year or accidentally get locked out when your year is up, we’ll send you an option to make the membership recurring.

See you in the club!

Trip Pricing

Kefi Travel Club is not about budget travel (although we love a deal) and it’s not about luxury travel (getting pampered sometimes is nice). It’s about the whole experience leading up to an awesome trip, experiencing the trips with a bunch of fun people, and then reliving those memories when you get home. Therefore our trips are built around the type of trip and experience we want you to have, not necessarily the budget. It just so happens that because we like to get off the beaten path, find smaller local tour providers and hotels, and negotiate deals for the group that we get to go on these adventures at some great prices.

That doesn’t mean we can’t do budget or luxury. If you’ve got a custom trip request outside of our scheduled trips, send it over and we’ll build to your preference. It’s your club.

All of our trips are priced individually according to the itinerary we produce. Most times we include some of the group meals in our prices since we believe these evening get-togethers are often highlights of the trip. We will tell you what’s included and what is optional. There are no hidden costs. At any time during a trip, you can opt out of an included activity – but you’re still paying for it!

When you book a trip you will be asked for payment and have the option of paying by e-Transfer (earning a whopping 1% discount!) or by pressing the Paypal button and paying by credit card or Paypal. You do not need a Paypal account to pay by credit card.   For e-Transfer, once we see the payment come through we'll apply it to your outstanding balance for the trip.

Lastly, to provide you even more options we do occasionally present trips from other selected tour operators. We also provide cruise and all-inclusive options for CAA Travel. In both these cases, we do not mark these trips up. You pay what everyone else accessing those trips directly pays. The club does benefit indirectly, so it would be great if you would go with us for these options.

That’s about it for trip pricing. Browse the trips and pick one, or send us a note to build your bucket list dream.

Payment Options

We currently accept e-transfers, PayPal payments and credit/debit card payments processed through the PayPal option.

  • To pay by e-transfer, please send the charge listed below to Once received, you're account will be updated to reflect your payment. Paying by e-transfer earns you a 1% discount on your payment!
  • To pay using your credit card, they can be made through the PayPal option or by calling us at 1-888-680-6930.

Refund Policy

Life throws curves at us. Kefi Travel Club recognizes this which is why we strongly recommend trip cancellation insurance. If you cancel up to 6 months before a trip your deposit and any other payments are returned to you 100%. From 3-6 months before a trip we will return 75% of any fees paid. Within 3 months, any fees paid cannot be returned. Refunds are issued through e-transfers sent to the email address listed in your member profile. 


Kefi Travel Club payment options include e-transfer payments sent directly to and Credit Card payments made through the PayPal option or by calling us at 1-888-680-6930. E-transfers earn you a 1% discount off price of a trip! For more information, please see our Pricing & Payments page.  

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