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Learn More About The Kefi Travel Club Team

Our team's main goal is to make sure you have the best travel experience that you didn't even know you needed to have! We are always happy to chat, so don't be shy to get in touch.

Message From Our President and Founder, John Simon

Thank you very much for your interest in my club. As those of you that know me (and the rest of you soon will), I don’t like small chat. Sometimes I don’t even like people! But a strange thing happened while I was travelling the last 20 years for business and pleasure, I found that visiting unique places and having new experiences wasn’t so fun by myself. So I started inviting people along for my trips. It was mostly for my own amusement. Watching them get lost, tasting strange foods, buying useless trinkets, and generally being a fish out of water in a foreign land. What I didn’t expect is that people would share my amusement of each other during these trips. As we stumbled along making questionable decisions, people really developed a camaraderie that extended for the trip and even after. The sharing of all the experiences, good and bad, helped form a bond between the travellers that improved the experience for everyone. 

As stories of our adventures spread upon each return, the list of people clamouring to be on the next trip grew. As I planned each trip, I tried to fine tune the model based on learnings from the previous trek. Now I have defined the model which I believe is the Kefi Travel Club “secret sauce”. It’s not rocket science. What people seemed to enjoy was travel which covered the expected items in a particular country, but also took them off the beaten track. Staying In smaller family run hotels in villages and not the main tourism cities allowed the group to get closer to the local community and to each other. Regular group meals in the evenings allowed people to share their experiences of the day and plan out their next adventure. Plenty of free time to explore allowed people to have their own space and make their own discoveries, but also have chance encounters with others in their group which increased the feeling of being local. Finally, the occasional “odd and/or challenging” activity got people outside their comfort zone and helped build the relationship between travellers. 

With Kefi Travel Club I want to share this approach with others. Through the club model, members can share the club with their network of friends. This gives me a whole new pool of people to be amused by! And allows us to build a fun group of like-minded people that want to explore the world with others and create memories that last long beyond the trip. Finally, since this is a club, it’s all our responsibility to make this club the best it can be. By contributing trip ideas, inviting fun new members, and engaging with the community we can ensure that every trip is the best adventure ever – until the next one!

Meet Our Travel Consultant, Michelle Gamble 

Of all the things I like to talk about, myself is not one of them, but luckily travel is my favorite thing! After completing University in 2008, I have been a world traveler looking to explore as many new countries as possible. The running joke was there was “shoe string” budgets for travel and then there was how my brother and I traveled. Since it was all on our own dimes (and sometimes a dime was all we had), we had to stay at the cheapest locations in town and pick budget friendly destinations. This has led to a lot of great travel stories – being chased by a hippo in Benin, West Africa, sleeping in a thatched hut in Vanuatu or trekking through the jungle in Chiang Mai, Thailand. There have been too many great and fun experiences to list but jump on board one of our tours, let’s grab a drink and I will tell you about them!

I made a promise to myself when I started traveling that I would try and visit 30 different countries by my 30th birthday. I am happy to say I surpassed my goal! Now it is on to 40 by 40 and 50 by 50, I need to keep the dream alive right? Being able to be part of a club that not only encourages unique travel experiences but gives me the opportunity to visit some of these destinations as part of my job?! Well, I would do that for free (don’t tell John!). The philosophy of the Kefi Travel Club really resonated with me. There is something indescribable about being in a destination you have always dreamed about and not just seeing the usual highlights but also experiencing the culture / lifestyle like a local. Staying in smaller hotels and getting to meet the owner who may double as your bartender that night giving you insider tips about hidden hotspots in the area is what I love. 

Thank you for joining the club, I cannot wait to work with you to build the tour of your dreams and hopefully, get to see you experience it first-hand. 

Come find your Kefi with us!

 Meet Our Travel Consultant, Mary Frances Boyle


When I was younger I was fortunate enough to get to travel often around North America for my dad’s work. This built the foundation for my love of travel. I cannot seem to stay in one place for too long. I’ve lived in P.E.I and Alberta, France and Florida. I have just finished university and through my studies and opportunities to travel through school my passion for travel and my dedication to the best possible guest experience has only grown. I always have a trip planned and being surrounded by people that share this mindset every day is a dream! I used to say that I only work so that I can travel, so what better idea than to travel for work!? I am so excited to be joining this team and to meet all of you. I can’t wait to help you turn your travel dreams into realities!


Kefi Travel Club payment options include e-transfer payments sent directly to and Credit Card payments made through the PayPal option or by calling us at 1-888-680-6930. E-transfers earn you a 1% discount off price of a trip! For more information, please see our Pricing & Payments page.  

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